GLA Now Represents Helen Exley London

Gunnar Lie & Associates are pleased to announce that we now represent Helen Exley London.

Helen Exley London is an independent giftbook publisher that was conceived by Helen Exley and her husband Richard in 1976. Helen still works on every book produced and both travel to many exhibitions worldwide.

The books which Helen Exley London produce aim to make the world a happier, better place. We publish books that strengthen family relationships, encourage kindness and courage, and bring peace and calm to peoples’ lives.

Helen Exley books consist of quotations from all the great and wise people who have gone before us – and from some of the wisest in our own generation, too. The books are bought by people of all religions and by people of no religion.

To date, we have sold 140 million copies in over forty languages, through some of the great publishing houses of the world as well through small, caring companies.

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