About Us

Gunnar Lie & Associates Ltd was established in 1995 and specialises in providing export representation (sales and marketing) for general book publishers in all export territories except North America, Australia & New Zealand.

We are focused on a small client base, and by specialising in general adult and children’s books, we provide our publishers with a balanced service, covering all the functions of a complete export department. We work closely with all our publishers to achieve common long term goals.

Through a collective experience of over 100 years of exporting with major UK book publishers, and an extensive database of active trade and non-trade customers, we are very well positioned to realise maximum sales potential.

We exhibit at major book fairs like Delhi, Frankfurt, Guadalajara, London and Manila. Beijing, Moscow and Shanghai are also attended. With these fairs, and travel to the territories combined, all customers are seen 3-4 times p.a.

We have a dedicated team of six people, five in sales and one in e-marketing, operating from offices in London, Frankfurt, New Delhi and Manila.

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