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“The London Stereoscope (later “Stereoscopic”) Company was founded in 1854 to photograph, manufacture, and sell stereo views and viewers to a public enthralled by all things 3-D. 

I acquired the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) in 2005 with the aim of resurrecting it and sharing the joys of stereoscopy (3-D) with the world. Our mission would remain the same as it had been back in the 1850s “A Stereoscope in every Home”.

Nearly twenty years on, the LSC has grown into a successful international publishing company, issuing books and card sets of historic Victorian stereos from my collection, modern stereoscopic compilations, a range of 3-D space and astronomy titles, and the book I wrote about Queen featuring stereo photographs I have taken ever since the early 1970s when we initially got together.

All this is supported by a wide range of the stereoscopes I designed to view the stereo photographs. We call them OWLs ! We have sold hundreds of thousands of our products, and the books have been translated into many languages!”

– Sir Brian May –

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