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After working for other people for 25 years there comes a point when you need to take control of your own destiny. We started Noodle Fuel two years ago as a packager to create content for other publishers, and have created over 50 books in that time.

Now, it’s time to publish our own books. Noodle Juice is the result of reaching that turning point and needing to create something for myself.  So, we’ve bitten the bullet, launched our list at Bologna Book Fair 2022 and engaged with sales agencies, distributors and printers to bring our books to the UK market from January 2023.

Noodle Juice books are irreverent, energetic, visually exciting, fact-packed, laugh-out-loud eyeball magnets. We like to think that we amaze, amuse and surprise.

We believe that children today want to see books that compete head to head with the media they consume on screens and devices. The strength of words is undisputed, but we want to ensure that the mechanic with which they are delivered is equally powerful.

Noodle Juice demonstrates that we are firm believers in the importance of silliness in children’s publishing and that a fun book to read is a fun book to make. We aim to be disruptive and challenge conventions with titles that help little people answer big questions in an increasingly confusing world.

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